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  • 15 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Learn about the many benefits of stand up paddle boarding. We’ve covered everything from physical and mental benefits to social benefits and so much more.
  • Easy paddleboarding workout to get you in shape

    heck out our complete guide to paddleboard workouts plus the top exercises for you to do on a paddleboard to get you into great shape.
  • What Size Paddle Board Should I Get?

    Learn all the factors to consider when sizing for a paddle board, the best paddle board for beginners and get all your questions about SUP answered.
  • How to Hold a Paddle Board Paddle

    Maddle​​ How to Hold a Paddle Board Paddle Given that the word paddle is rig...
  • Paddle Board vs Kayak: Which is Better for You?

    To paddle board or to kayak? That is the question. Find out what to consider when you’re ready to shop and how to know which one suits you more.
  • Is Paddle Boarding Hard? Experts Weigh In

    Paddle boarding requires some skill, but how hard is it, really? We weigh all the contributing factors and answer the common question, is paddle boarding hard?
  • 8 Best Places for Paddle Boarding in Vancouver

    Vancouver is known for its beautiful coastline where ocean meets mountains, and scenic views are everywhere you look. I...
  • Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid: Choosing the Right SUP

    Inflatable Paddle Board vs Solid: Choosing the Right Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Increasing popularity in st...
  • 5 Fun Activities to Do on a Paddle Board

    Paddle boarding is a great way to have fun and get some exercise at the same time. In this blog post, we will list 5 activities that you can do on a paddle board. These activities are sure to get your heart rate up and make you smile!
  • Learn How to Stand up Paddle Board (SUP)

    Step by step guide on learning how to stand up paddle board, setting up your SUP for the first time and other great tips from the team at Maddleboards.