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8 Stunning Places to Paddle Board in Quebec

Quebec has some of the most stunning landscapes for stand up paddle boarding in all of Canada. The clear waters, mountainous horizons, aquatic life, and lush vegetation rival even the top places for paddle boarding in Vancouver!

Whether you’re new to paddle boarding and looking for a calm lake to practice on, or you’re more advanced and ready for some river rapids or bodies of water near the ocean, we’ve got something for everyone on this list of the best paddle boarding locations in Quebec.

Where can you paddle board in Quebec?

While there are many options, the top places to paddle board in Quebec include Poisson-Blanc Lake, Bonaventure River, Magdalen Islands,  Havre Saint Pierre, and Memphrémagog Lake. These are some of the most stunning and breathtaking locations for paddle boarding in the province. Be sure to pack your camera because you’ll want to capture their beauty!

Where can I paddle board in Montreal?

Given that Montreal is surrounded by water, there are many fantastic locations for paddling. The top places to paddle board in Montreal include the Saint Lawrence River, Prairies River, and Lake of Two Mountains, Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, just to name a few. Since the St. Lawrence runs through the entire city, you can launch from many locations but one of our favourites is Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville.

Best places to SUP around Quebec

We’ve put together a list of our favourite places to paddle board in Quebec. Some are hidden gems outside the major cities where you won’t find big crowds, others are closer to the big cities for quick access.

1. Meech Lake

Meech Lake near Gatineau Park is the perfect paddle boarding spot if you’re looking for a place to watch a beautiful sunset or sunrise, with calm waters, and little to no boat traffic. Only a 20-minute drive from Ottawa, this lake is the perfect place for day trips. There are two beaches that make launching your paddle board a breeze and families can rest easy knowing both beaches are patrolled by lifeguards.

woman sitting on paddle board on calm lake

2. Rivière-des-Mille-Îles

If you’re looking for a charming place for a paddle with calm water that’s close to Montreal, be sure to add Rivière-des-Mille-Îles to your list. Located 30 minutes from downtown Montreal, Rivière-des-Mille-Îles is an adorable area that’s perfect for beginner paddle boarders to go at their own pace or try your hand at some SUP yoga.

3. Poisson-Blanc Lake

Poisson-Blanc Lake is located in Poisson-Blanc Regional Park, less than two hours from Ottawa and about three hours from Montreal by car. This large and scenic reservoir has many campsites available. Once on the water, you can explore the many islands and sandy beaches. There’s also a SUP rental center that can provide anyone without a paddle board with one to use for the day.

friends sitting on a sandy beach with paddle boards

4. Red River

Red River is a long winding “lazy river” that runs beside a city with the same name. It’s called Red River because of the water’s red hue, making it an incredibly unique place to paddle board and take some great pictures. 

Located between Ottawa and Montreal (about a two hour drive from both cities), you can go for the day or stay overnight at a campground of nearby Airbnb. Paddle with a buddy or book with one of the guided tours nearby (where paddle board rentals are also available for those without one). Expect calm waters and several beaches for sunbathing.

man holding paddle board in campsite with friends

5. Missisquoi River

This area is perfect for a multi-sport day! Enjoy a paddle on the Missisquoi River and a hike nearby on the same day. You can even rest your head at a nearby campsite for an overnight stay in nature. This location is charming and quaint and you're unlikely to encounter many others in the area so enjoy the peace and quiet. Located southeast of Montreal in Glen Sutton near the American border, it’ll take you less than two hours to drive there. 

6. Bonaventure River

The Bonaventure River is a river in the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec that’s known for its crystal clear water. The water is so turquoise, it may feel more like you’re in the Caribbean. While it’s a bit of a journey to get to (seven hour drive from Quebec City), this area is known for its breathtaking landscapes making it well worth the trip . With mountains on either side of this river which has class 1 to 3 rapids, this is a true paddling adventure for intermediate to advanced paddles so be sure to arrive prepared with life jackets, dry bag, insulated water bottle, and other safety essentials. 

7. Magdalen Islands

The Magdalen Islands are a must for any adventure paddle boarder. Paddling around this stunning landscape is a unique experience you won’t forget. Between the orange cliffs, green hills, and sandy beaches, the islands are a treat for the eyes and the camera. You’ll definitely want to remember to pack your waterproof phone pouch for this location! 

There are several places to launch from to enjoy the sunrise or sunset and you might even encounter some aquatic wildlife. Since these islands are located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it can get pretty windy so be sure to plan around the wind and launch when the waves are calm. 

8. Havre Saint Pierre

Located in the northeast corner of Quebec, Havre Saint Pierre is about 10 hours from Quebec City. This secluded and peaceful place is another must for any adventure paddlers. Here you can expect to paddle among aquatic life like whales and seals—one of the most thrilling experiences a paddle boarder can have.

Are any paddle boards designed in Canada?

Yes, Canada has many paddleboard companies, including Maddle, which is actually located in Quebec! Our boards are designed in Canada and manufactured overseas. We collaborate with artists from around the world to create the most unique and creative designs for the paddling community. Our boards are created with all waters in mind and are perfect for beginners to tackle all the beautiful places Canada has to offer.

Paddle board Quebec in style

Wherever you’re paddle boarding in Quebec, be sure to do it in style with Maddle’s memorable designs. Shop our paddle board collection for boards that are as gorgeous as they are durable and functional—perfect for any body of water you choose to paddle across the beautiful province of Quebec.

Camille Brodeur

Driven by the intersection of lifestyle and fitness, Camille's mission is to inspire others to integrate elements of beauty and aesthetic into their outdoor activities. Her depth of experience in the paddle boarding world allows her to inform and motivate others to get out on the water in the safest and most fun ways possible. Whether it be through her work at Maddle or elsewhere, Camille continuously strives to expand the public consciousness surrounding SUPs.


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